o Cutting mat: – for protecting your work surface.  Self healing if possible as the more cuts you make the rougher the cutting surface gets making it harder to cut in the direction you want.

o Craft knife or scalpel: – a fine, sharp blade is required for precise cutting and clean edges.

o Blades: – replacement blades for craft knife or scalpel.

o Adhesive spray: – for fixing the base sheet to the backing board.

o Backing board: – foam core or strong art board for adhering the base sheet to.  It is also the anchor point for building up the framing mats when your paper tole is being framed; therefore it needs to be at least 50mm larger on all sides than the base sheet.

o PVA glue: – is used to seal the back of your prints to stop any oil from the silicone leaching through to the front of the print over time.

o Silicone: – is used as the ‘glue’ and a pliable spacer between the layers of your paper tole.

o Shaping tools: – a stylus with two ends.  At least one. Our one has a rounded end to provide general shape and curvature to a piece and the second sharper end used to etch emphasis into pieces such as veins on leaves.  You may wish to have a few in various sizes.

o Shaping mat: – a soft/flexible mat with a small amount of give.  The give allows the piece to be shaped without breaking the fibres/surface of the piece.

o Water colour pencils: – used to colour the edges of the pieces so that the white cut edges blend in rather than stand out.

o Small scissors: - (optional) for cutting and feathering.

o Tweezers pointy nosed: - (optional) for picking up and placing fiddly pieces.

o High gloss varnish - (optional) used to highlight a feature such as eyes.

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