Our kits are self contained in a durable clear plastic bag with a cardboard Papertole Creations & Supplies header. 

Included in the bag are multiple copies of a quality picture printed on card pliable enough to be shaped and stiff enough to retain shape without flopping when suspended.

The number of prints contained in each kit are based on the complexity of the picture and the perception of depth that can be gained by building up certain aspects of the picture.

We offer 3 types of kits

1.    Kits with no instructions.  For the adventurous or advanced

2.    Kits with instructions developed by others.  These kits contain basic instructions with either written instructions/no diagrams or numbered diagrams/no written instructions.

3.    Kits with instructions developed and tested by us.  Our instructions include:-

·         List of equipment required to complete the paper tole

·         Explanation of terms used in the instructions

·         Written assembly instructions

·         Written cutting instructions used in conjunction with

·         2 diagrams per print showing where each piece has been cut out and the pieces themselves with tips on where to shape, slice etc.

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